10 Family-Friendly Dog Jokes For All Ages

dog jokes

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These days it may sometimes feel hard to find something to laugh at. Be it politics, the weather, or the tragedy of not being able to just have all of the dogs, sometimes life just gets you down. But never fear! Your friends here at DogTime are going to cheer you up with some of the latest pooch puns and woof-worthy wisecracks the twenty-first century has to provide! These dog jokes will have you howling with laughter!

Here are our top ten family-friendly dog jokes for the year!

Q: Why do dogs stop and sniff mailboxes?

A: They’re checking their pee-mail.

Q: What do dog chemists do with their bones?

A: They barium.

Q: What breed of dog keeps everything?

A: A Hoarder Collie

Q: What kind of dog is always on time?

A: A Watch dog!

Q: What kind of dog loves to bake?

A: A Crocker Spaniel.

Dog Jokes

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Are you rolling around on all fours yet? If you’re still itching for a good laugh, try these on for size!

Q: What was the dog doing on top of the house?

A: He was roofing!

Q: What dog can jump higher than a tree?

A: Any dog. Trees can’t jump.

Q: What dog is always on time?

A: A watch dog!

Q: Why didn’t the puppy fit in his clothes?

A: He was a little Husky.

Q: What kind of dog makes a good scientist’s assistant?

A: A Laboratory Retriever!

So there you go! Are you barking for joy yet? Make sure to share these silly little jokes around because everyone is going to want to get their paws on them! Get it? Eh? No? That’s okay.

We hope that these gave you at least a quick chuckle to get you through your day. Share your funny dog jokes in the comments below!

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