The Winter Olympics: 10 Funny Dogs Who Probably Won’t Make The Team

WRIGHTWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 02: EXCLUSIVE 'Rose' the Bulldog riding a snowboard at Wrightwood, USA. As the Vancouver Winter Olympics fast approaches Tillman the skateboarding bulldog is snow laughing matter. Pictured here turning his paws to a new sport the loveable dog, already crowned the "World's Fastest Skateboarding Dog" by Guinness World Records, shows just why you can teach a dog new tricks. Joined by furry friends Lyle and Rose, the four year old bull dog displayed his incredible skills on the ski slopes - riding a snowboard at Wrightwood, USA. Tillman's owner Ron Davis said the pooch took up skateboarding years ago and snowboarding was the obvious next step. (Photo by Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

The Winter Olympics are here, and the athletes are ready to bring home the gold. As far as we know, all of the competitors will be human, and that’s probably for the best because our dogs are having too much fun goofing around to care about silly things like medals. Lots of pups enjoy getting out on the snow and ice to play some winter games, and even though they make some great attempts at perfecting their winter sports performances, they probably aren’t going to make the team for this year’s Winter Olympics. That’s okay because they still take home the gold in our hearts. Here are 10 funny dogs who love the winter games, but will probably be enjoying the Winter Olympics from the comfort of home.

1. The Luge

Fingal the dog just loves sliding downhill on the snow, and he’s having too much of a good time to remember his sled. Why bother when you can feel the refreshing snow against your fur? I be the other athletes aren’t brave enough to give a sled-free run down the slope a try. Seeing Fingal happily run back up the hill just to slide back down again makes me way happier than a medal, anyway.

2. Bobsled

This little Bulldog probably wouldn’t make a good bobsled leader. You’re not really supposed to kick your teammates off the sled and keep going without them, but he gets points for never giving up, just like in the movie Cool Runnings! This video cracks me up every time I see it. He may not go professional, but he’s got a lot of spirit.

3. Downhill Skiing

Crusoe the Dachshund isn’t the fastest skier on the slopes, but he trusts his human to keep him safe and warm in his winter gear. He’s got his own custom skis to keep him moving and well balanced, and he even seems to enjoy the ski lift trip to the top of the slope. Crusoe should probably stick to the bunny hills, and even though he’s not quite ready for the black diamonds, any country would be lucky to be represented by such a cute athlete.

4. Cross Country Skiing

This little Dachshund may not have full use of all their legs, but they are just as fast as the other pups with a pair of skis to keep them moving along the snow. That pinwheel may create a bit of extra wind resistance, but it sure looks adorable. This pup won’t be held back from having fun with their buddies, and even though they may not make a great Olympic athlete, they would be a perfect mascot to give hope to those with different abilities.

5. Snowboarding

Tillman, Lyle, and Rose the Bulldogs sure had a good time making this video and riding their boards downhill. You can tell these pups just love to go fast, and they couldn’t be more excited to hit the slopes. They could probably start their own Olympic team with dogs instead of people. I’d be much happier to cheer them on than any humans.

6. Curling

The sport of curling requires precision, a steady hand, and the ability to hurl a heavy object across the ice. Well Butters the dog has one of those things down, sort of. He’s doing his best to attack that ice ball and roll it along, but it’s hard when you don’t have thumbs. Maybe if his dog buddy were a better sweeper, he’d be unstoppable. I’ve never heard so much barking at the Olympics, though.

7. Hockey

Sam the Golden Retriever is a working dog that deserves a chance to get out on the ice and play once in a while. He’s a little uncoordinated at first, but he gets his footing pretty quickly and manages to chase down the puck like Wayne Gretzky. He doesn’t use a stick like some hockey players, but he could probably fetch one if you threw it. Why isn’t fetch an Olympic sport?

8. Figure Skating

These Pit Bulls have some practice to do before they get their routine down, but you can probably see their raw talent. These pups are slipping and sliding all over the place, and they have some great on-ice chemistry. That’s gotta count for some points, right judges? They may not have Olympic dreams, but why bother when there are ice balls to chase?

9. Speed Skating

Who says you need ice skates to speed skate? Well, it’s probably in the rules somewhere, but this pup is having a great time getting up to top speed. Sure, the tight turns of an ice rink might present a problem, but on the straightaways, this pup can’t get enough of the cool wind in their fur. Hopefully they have good brakes because it’s going to be tough to slow down.

10. Skeleton

If you’re not familiar with the skeleton event in the Olympics, it’s basically like the luge on your tummy. Secret the dog doesn’t care what you call it. She’s just happy to grab her sled, run up the hill, and slide all the way back down again. She’s not reaching the 80 miles per hour that the pros do, but she’s just having a lot of fun. I could watch her sled all day.

Are you going to watch the Winter Olympics with your pup? Does your dog like to play any winter games? Let us know in the comments below!