Would You Rather Pick Up Warm Soft Dog Poop Or Cold Hard Dog Poop?

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

I love dogs. I have loved dogs my whole life.

I don’t love picking up dog poop but it’s a part of being a responsible dog owner and I take pride in being one of the responsible ones, so I take pride in picking up my dog’s poops. I get the finest decomposable dog poop bags and I carry many with me at all times. I have dog poop bags in the car, on my bike and in my purse. You just never know when you’re going to run into someone who needs a dog poop bag and I don’t want the lack of poop bag to ever keep someone from picking up their dog’s poop or keep me from picking up one of my dog’s poops.

I have 4 dogs and we go for walks and I carry lots of poop bags on those walks. Each leash has a small bone shaped canister of poop bags that will decompose in the next 6 months or so after hitting the landfill.

I have picked up thousands of dog poops in my life. My dog’s poops and also random poops that other jerks didn’t bother to pick up. I have a strong opinion when it comes to picking up dog poops. I’d way rather pick up a fresh warm dog poop than a cold hard dog poop. Especially on a cold winter day. Now that’s just me. I shared my opinion with my friends on Facebook and was kind of shocked that I’m pretty much totally alone in this “warm fresh dog poop preferring” category. All my friends told me they’d way rather pick up the cold hard dog poops. My friends were actually repulsed that I would rather pick up the warm soft stuff. What’s wrong with a fresh, warm, soft dog poop? It can tell you so much about your dog. It tells you what they’ve eaten, if they have worms, and if they are sick. You can’t learn nearly as much from a cold hard poop. Not to mention I just hate the cold hard feeling of an old dog poop. Just kind skeeves me out, ya know? I don’t hold it against anyone who prefers that cold hard stuff, it’s just not for me.

What’s wrong with do poop in all its many glorious forms, temperatures and densities?

Back when I was younger and dating I use to judge a man’s character by how he reacted to me picking up my dog’s poop. Some guys would turn away, as if they couldn’t stand watching me pick up a dog poop. Other guys would just continue talking as if nothing was happening but the one guy who said “Let me do that for you” and took the bag from my hand and picked up my dog’s poop… well I kept him around and he’s still around today. If a man you’re dating offers to pick up your dog’s poop for you, he’s a keeper for sure!

Are you a dog owner how hates dealing with poop? I mean we’d all rather not, but it’s a reality of life with dogs and dogs are awesome so I consider it a small price to pay.