10 Things Your Dog Knows About You That No One Else Does

Unless you are some sort of super human that has no qualms about what others think of you, you often act different when you are on your own compared to when you are out socializing or even hanging out with a close friend. There are very few people that get to experience the uncensored, glorious you in full form. Your dog, however, definitely has. Here are ten things our dogs know about us that few others are privileged to know. 

1. They Have Seen Our Absolute Worst Dance Moves And Heard Us Sing Our Hearts Out

Mid adult woman wearing headphones and dancing with dog

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We all don’t have fancy forests where we can go and dance through our problems like Kevin Bacon in Footloose. We have our kitchens and our bedrooms. Your dog has definitely seen you belt out an 80s power ballad with matching dance moves. He may have joined in with his own little howl and dance as well. 

2. They Know How Many Selfies We Take Before We Get To The One We Actually Post

Happy young man taking selfie with dog outdoors

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Rule number one of selfles: NEVER post the first one you take. Fido has seen all of your outtakes and could probably give you a hint on your best angles. In fact, he told me that you should look more into the light and tilt your chin up.

3. They Also Know What TV Shows You REALLY Watch

Woman watching television with dog

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To your friends, you are only watching the hippest new original series on Hulu. Your dog knows that is a bold lie and you watched six hours of Keeping Up With The Kardashians last Friday night. They also are probably familiar with your commentary and agree that Khloe is the best.  

4. They’ve Watched You Give Yourself Pep Talks In The Mirror 

A woman making up in front of the mirror

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You may have close human friends that have helped psych you up for a first date, prepare for a job interview, or sort out your life. Sometimes, though, we can’t share our deeper insecurities with fellow humans and have to give ourselves our own little pep talks. Your dog has definitely seen said pep talks. He has notes–maybe try adding some of the aforementioned dancing into your pep routine before that big date.

5. They’ve Seen You Cyber Stalk An Ex

Businesswoman on computer with dog on desk

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Yes, yes, I know. You TOTALLY have never done this before. Not even for a second did you type your ex’s name into Instagram and then creep on the girl that has been popping up in his pictures. Luckily for you, your dog can’t spill your little obsession/secret. And hey, they may just be a little curious as to what a human that was a big part of their lives is up to now, as well. 

6. They’ve Seen Your UGLIEST Cry

A woman with running eye makeup holds up her dog.

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I’ve cried hard in front of other people, but there is no doubt that the “person” who has seen me at my most depleted and desolate is my dog. She has seen me hyperventilating with snot running down my face and swollen eyes, like a creature from the Black Lagoon. Fortunately, dogs are usually good at at least attempting to help cheer you up, even if it is with a misguided attempt at removing the snot from your face with their tongue. 

7. They Know Where You Stick Your Boogers

Black and white Cocker Spaniel pulling tissues from a box with one in its mouth.

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Speaking of snot, we all pick our nose once in a while, no matter how “mature” we are. Your dog has seen you flick a treasure from your nostril into the abyss of the living room or watched you discreetly wipe away some snot on the underbelly of the couch. They’ve also seen a few less than pleasant hygiene habits of yours, such as giving your armpits one last final sniff before leaving the house or scratching your butt for a solid ninety seconds.  

8. They Know That If You Are Online Dating, Chances Are You Are Swiping Right From Your Toilet

A black and white dog sits on a closed toilet seat.

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If you haven’t experienced online dating, this may not apply directly to you. Your pup, however, has seen you on some sort of social media while you were sitting on the toilet. This probably seems completely normal to your pup, who often opens up social engagements by sniffing other dogs butts–so you liking your aunt’s status while doing your business is the same thing, right?

9. They Have Seen Your Laziest Moments

A man in his underwear lies on his couch while a dog lies on him and eats a piece of popcorn.

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When you accidentally pop an ice cube out of the tray onto the floor, common sense dictates that you pick it up and throw it in the sink. Fluffy knows that when you are alone, sometimes you secretly kick it under the fridge. She also knows that sometimes you “kind of” wash your hands after using the restroom–meaning you turn the faucet on and off. And she’s seen you brush crumbs off the counter onto the floor and reuse still-wet bath towels that were crumpled up on your bedroom floor. She doesn’t mind the crumbs bit, but that wet towel is starting to smell a little too gross for her to roll around in. 

10. They Have Seen You In The Nude From All The Angles

Dog standing between woman's legs in bathroom

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Being alone and nude is one of the most luxurious experiences. Doing the most mundane things, like folding laundry or making tea, is made ten times better when you are naked. Your dog doesn’t mind the nakedness, but they have seen everything – remember that time you decided to do a couple sun salutations in your room in the buff? Your pup does, and he honestly doesn’t get why you even bother with silly things like socks and underwear when other people are around. 
Luckily for us humans, even if we were to roll around in peanut butter while screaming at the television while “by ourselves,” our pups would still probably love us for it. What is the most bizarre/silly thing you do when you are the only human in the house? Has your pup witnessed it? Let us know in the comments or hit me up on twitter @maggieclancy!
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