Leslie & Uno

Human: Leslie

Canine: Uno

Location: San Francisco, California

Together since: 2005

Type: Doberman Pinscher mix

Favorite dog groups: Give a Dog a Bone, Pets Unlimited, Muttville

I spotted his picture online, a chocolatey mass of fur with a green collar. According to the description, he’d been hit by a car–and though he’d recovered beautifully–no one had come to claim him. Maybe that heart-rending tidbit of background information is what did it, but he had me well before ‘hello.’ By the time I arrived at the shelter and looked into those wise, soulful eyes, I was already in love. The only thing to do was to call my husband. “I’ve found The One,” I told him. “Ok,” my husband said. “We’ll call him Uno.”

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