Fur-Zoff | Environmentally Friendly Pet Hair Removal




It’s no secret, pets are very hairy creatures. What is a secret is an easy way to clean up all the hair they leave behind.That is until now. The Fur-Zoff is the easiest, most accommodating way to remove pet hair. It is something that reminds me of a pumice stone, only it’s made from 90% post-consumer products so it’s eco-friendly. There is nothing to plug-in, peel off and no parts to replace…EVER! The Fur-Zoff is a hairy pet owner’s dream come true.

I have a light colored dog and dark colored couch, these two DO NOT mix. There is constantly hair on the sides of my couch which leaves me dragging out the vacuum on a daily basis, so not convenient. The Fur-Zoff is EASY and effective. I lightly drag itover the pet hair and within seconds the dog hair is off the couch. I have also used it on clothes, carpet, Velcro and in the back of my car where the fur tends to get stuck and matted. I must admit that I was skeptical about how well this product would work, but I’m now hooked. It removes hair faster and better than my vacuum and it’s obviously more accessible. I have one for my house, one for my car, now I just need one for my purse!


Fur-Zoff is available online, with a lifetime guarantee.You can get 1for $9.99, 2 for $17.99 and 3 or more at $8.99 each(+ shipping and handling).

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