Snook’s Organic Sweet Potato Chew and Bully Sticks from Best Bully’s

Pet Product Review: Snook’s Organic Sweet Potato Chew and Bully Sticks from Best Bully’s



Snook’s Organic Sweet Potato Dog Chew sent in for review by Best Bully’s is the best chew toy I have found yet! I am always in the market for things that will keep my dog occupied and Snook’s Organic Sweet Potato Dog Chew does just that. It is very long lasting, similar to what a rawhide bone would be, which, like I said, is a huge plus for me. In addition, it is all-natural, organic, made in the U.S.A., recommended for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs, high in fiber and best of all, my dog LOVES them!

Being made from solely from sweet potatoes I was just a little bit worried that the chew would stain my carpet. I held my breath and let my dog go to town on my very light colored carpet. Rest assured that the treat did not leave so much as a mark!

I was curious as to what the other benefits to sweet potatoes were so I did some research. I found that including all the listed above, sweet potatoes are an immune booster, they help to reduce inflammation which can be great for dogs with arthritis. They can help to ward off those cancer cells and assist in stabilizing blood sugars which can greatly help in the diabetic dog.

Best Bully’s also sent some samples of their original Bully Sticks. I have yet to meet a dog who doesn’t go absolutely nuts for Bully Sticks! They love ’em. I do have to admit that this was my dogs first experience with a Bully Stick and he was no exception to this rule! I actually caught him with his paws on the counter trying to get the bag down and getting on the counter is something he never does.

Snook’s Organic Sweet Potato Chew comes in 4 different sizes and range in price from $8 to $19.50. The 6in Standard Bully Sticks cost $0.95, but decrease in price the more you buy. Both are available on the Best Bully’s website.

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