Hilarious Squeaky Toys by Charming Pet Products

Pet Product Review: Squeaky Toys by Charming Pet Products

By Guest Blogger: Lindsey Hockert

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The Charming Pet Products squeaky toys are AWESOME. By far the best squeaky toy I have ever encountered. I would say that squeaky toys are my dog’s favorite kind of toy but I have never been able to keep one around for long, as they are never durable enough for my playful pups. This is not the case with the Charming Pet line.

The toys are constructed as a squeaker themselves rather than a squeaker sewn inside, I find this essential to the durability because my dogs like to tear apart toys to get straight to the squeaker itself. The toys are made of soft, good quality plastic that is friendly for dog’s mouths.

The Charming Pet Products Team clearly has a sense of humor, giving each toy a name and a story. Earl the ultimate chick magnet has an alter ego “Earlvis” and performs at famous nightclubs in Daytona and Henrietta is a showgirl in Vegas! My favorites are the “Charming Balloons” which look like balloon animals. So cute!
My dogs were immediately intrigued by the toys, testing each one right away. What is really neat about the toys is that they all have a different sound. Henrietta has a drawn out shriek that is absolutely hilarious and each balloon animal has a slightly different squeak.
Sydney nabs Baxter the Bull
Kaya tested each squeak by pressing her nose to each toy. She really liked Dudley the Dog but her ultimate favorite was Hazel the Horse. Sydney was immediately attached to Baxter the Bull refusing to share him with a very jealous Kaya!
Charming Pet Toys range in price from $6.99 to $12.99. Visit their Retailers & Distributors page to find a Charming Pet Product retailer near you.

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