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Pet Product Review – Big Daddy Biscuits | All natural dog treats

Big Daddy Biscuits

After fending the dogs off long enough to open the aromatic delivery from Big Daddy Biscuits, I instructed them to prepare their palettes, for they were now on the clock. Ever eager to provide me with detailed feedback on the new treat’s taste and texture, my employees smiled and drooled in response.

Shakespeare nibbling a Big Daddy Biscuit
I asked my taste testers to perform a good “sit” to earn their Big Daddy Biscuits. Once seated, Shakespeare was so overcome by the aroma emanating from the Crunchy Peanut Butter Biscuit, he inched his bottom closer and closer until his nose was touching the tempting tidbit.
Note the smile and crazed eyes in the photo (left), as Shake desperately attempts to pry the treat from my fingers without wounding me.
I must admit, I also nibbled one of the all natural, Cheese Bites with Garlic, and found it surprisingly delicious! And thanks to the tasty garlic, I haven’t had any issues with pesky fleas or ticks for the past 24 hours, though I have developed an irresistible urge to shout, “Who’s your daddy?!” at inappropriate moments. Hmm…
Feedback from the hounds:
Crunch – Exhilarating! Could shatter Martian ice
Taste – Satisfyingly savory and astonishingly addictive
How badly do we want another one? – Joey reports, “Well, Shakespeare knocked the Secret Shopper over in his attempts to snag another biscuit. I hope he doesn’t get fired.” Shakespeare’s response, “Sorry Mom, I lost my head for a minute.”
5 Paw Rating The boys pawsitively LOVE Big Daddy Biscuits – 5 paws up!
Big Daddy Biscuits come in three flavors: Cheese Bites with Garlic, Crunchy Peanut Butter and Turkey Bacon Bites and range in price from $4.50 to $15 (depending on package size). You can place your order at

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