FURminator Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel from Buy.com

Pet Product Review: FURminator Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel

By Guest Blogger: Melissa Alexander


Petcologo_thumbFURminator Microfiber Towel at Buy.com

Brrrrrr! As much of the country sits beneath several feet of snow, many pet owners and their furry friends are likely cuddled in front of a warm fireplace. A bath is probably the last thing on their minds, but eventually, it becomes necessary.

Leia with her FURminator Microfiber Towel
As the owner of a long haired Pembroke Welsh Corgi (affectionately called a “fluffy” by Corgi lovers), I often stare guiltily at my cold and damp Leia huddling on the couch after a bath. So, when I saw the FURminator Microfiber Towel on the new Petco section of Buy.com, I knew Leia would want me to give it a try. With a reputation for quality grooming products (you or your groomer probably already use their deShedding Tools), FURminator has taken the growing popularity of microfiber towels and given us another way to use them around the house – on our pets.
The FURminator towel took as much moisture off Leia as my three large beach towels usually do. While the instructions say to wring out the towel when it gets too wet, I really didn’t need to. It might be more necessary if you are drying a large dog since the FURminator towel is on the small-ish side at 24″ by 18.” Making the towel larger or offering a couple of sizing options might be a good idea for the future, but I found it suitable for my 25-30lb pup. And it was very nice not to have a mountain of towels waiting for me on top of the washer after the bath. I just tossed the machine washable FURminator in with my next load.
Leia with her FURminator Microfiber Towel

But don’t hide this towel in the linen closet waiting for bath time. It would be perfect to keep by the door for paw wiping when the pup comes in from a rainy walk or sledding with the kids. At the current sale price of $11.95, it’s inexpensive enough to buy a couple to stash around the house and car.

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