The Amazing Treat Machine Rollers for small pets

Pet Product Review ā€“ The Amazing Treat Machine Rollers for small pets

This cardboard-treat-toy contraption was just too intriguing not to test! For $9.95 you receive four Amazing Treat Machine Rollers, eight additional decorative wheels, four organic catnip pouches and instructions.

As a technically challenged pet lover, I was afraid I might destroy the toy during assembly but Iā€™m happy to report that I successfully completed my mission in less than 5 minutes without damaging this clever cardboard device. It was easy!

I chose to mix things up by placing a catnip pouch in one of the inner chambers and treats in the other. I also used two of the additional wheels to prolong the life of the toy. Buddha was quite eager to get his little paws on the product after watching me fill it with treats and detecting the sweet smell of catnip emanating from its core.

Buddha caught on immediately and had a ball playing with his new gizmo until it gave up its last tempting treat! This toy would also be great for small dogs, birds, bunnies, and rodents.

5 Paw Rating 5 paws up ā€“ We love the price & the cats love the toy!

You can purchase the Amazing Treat Machine Rollers at for $9.99.

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