Pork Knotz Dog Bone Treats by Pork Chomps

Pet Product Review – Pork Knotz dog bone treats by Pork Chomps

by Guest Blogger – Patrick

Pork Chomps Pork Knotz
What dog doesn’t love to while-away a lazy afternoon chewing on a good bone? True for all dogs, and definitely true for Joey, our yellow Lab. Joey has lived with us for eleven years now, and is one of my very best friends. Since he is getting on in years, I like him to have something safe and healthy to chew on.

Joey does love rawhide chews, but we have quit giving them to him because they often have things in them that are very bad for dogs. Salmonilla, lead, antibiotics that kill good bacteria in your dog’s intestines, and even insecticides can be found in many of the rawhide chews that are sold in stores, and if you give them to your dog, your dog can get a sore throat, pancreatitis, choking and even intestinal blockage.

This is very bad news. Which is why we tried Pork Chomps, which are made by Scott Pet in Rockville, IN. Pork Chomps are made with baked pork skin, and their Knotz come in packages of four. Since Joey is a big dog, we got the 10-11″ long ones, and he loves them! I love them, because he can digest them more easily, they keep his teeth clean and breath fresh, and unlike other pork-based chews, THEY DON’T STAIN THE CARPET!
You can do your own research on the Pork Chomps website, and they carry a variety of chew products that fit the needs of virtually any canine friend.

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