Kyjen Quick Release Backpack & Rubba Tug dog toys

Pet Product Review – Kyjen Quick Release Backpack & Rubba Tug dog toys

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Shakespeare with Kyjen backpack and tug toy
When I first saw Shakespeare in his Quick Release Backpack, I’d swear I was looking at a dog who was gainfully employed! His stylish backpack is made of durable nylon and has storage pockets big enough to carry plenty of rolled-up newspapers should he decide to take-up a paper route. The backpack has an adjustable harness, removable pack and a “quick release” leash holder for use when approaching other hikers, dogs, or wildlife. It was easy to put on and, with some toys and supplies neatly tucked away in the pockets, it fit snuggly with no slipping. It’s tightly stitched and looks like it will last years!
I was a little skeptical about the Rubba Tug Plush Toy at first, I wasn’t sure the stretchy toy could withstand a Dane’s mighty jaws or pulling power but, after playing tug-of-war with him for an hour, the toy shows no sign of wear or tear! I can’t say the same for my daughter though, she was a little shocked when Shake unexpectedly released his end of the toy while it was at its maximum-stretch capacity. Definitely a sit-down-to-play-toy. LOL!
The OH Quick Release Backpack is available in 4 sizes and ranges in price from $34.99 to $54.49. The Rubba Tug Plush Toy is available in 2 sizes and sells for $7.99 and $15.99. Visit to purchase and to view their extensive catalogue of toys and gear.
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SS bonus find – Kyjen is sponsoring a Toy-A-Day giveaway for visitors who sign-up to join their Boycott Boring Club and, on January 3rd, a grand prize winner will be selected to receive one each of every product listed in Kyjen’s catalogue!

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