Pet Massager by Sticky Paws

Product Review: Pet Massager by Sticky Paws

by Guest Blogger Jocelyn


What comes to mind when you think of pampering yourself? Well, one of the first things that comes to my mind is getting a massage. So, when I came across this Pet Massager by Sticky Paws I figured Iwould pamper my dogs a little bit and give the gift of massage. With a price of only $14.99 ($12.99 for the holidays)and the added benefits of not onlyrelieving sore muscles and joints it is supposed to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat this seemed to be a very economical treat for the pups. When I first turned on the massager I handed it to my kids to see what they thought. They immediately started massaging each other’s backs, as well as mine. I must admit it did feel good! I thought the dogs’ might be a bit scared of it at firstso I had fully planned on gradually introducing them to it. Well, no need for that, my dogs as well as every other dog I gave a massage to absolutely loved it! Proof that humans aren’t the only species that enjoy a little bit of pampering by massage.

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