HAAN SI-35 Steam Mop

Pet Product Review: HAAN SI-35 Steam Mop

by Guest Blogger: Jocelyn


I am always looking for eco-friendly, kid and pet safe ways to clean my floor. What I typically findare cleaners that smell terrible and others that don’t come close to working, much less doing what the bottles claim. I figured, never having tried a steam mop, I would give it a try. I mean, it meets all of my qualifications. It runs off water so it is definitely eco-friendly, kid and pet safe, but does it work? Iput the SI-35 by HAAN to the testand I would have to say, YES,it absolutely works. It easily removed the sticky spots and spills from my tile floor, it even did wonders onthe wood that edges the floor.The SI-35 by HAAN is extremely quiet, heats up quickly, and works on tile, laminate, hardwood, vinyl and even can be used to freshen rugs and carpet. Not to mention it comes in 3 stylish colors (white, red and green)andis extremely lightweight! While this mop is odorless, you can buy Steam Scentsto add to the tank that are designed especially for HAAN steam mops to give that just cleaned feeling.

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My floor before I used the SI-35. My floor after I used the SI-35.

Available at stores such as: HAAN Direct, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Walgreens andKohl’sand retails for approximately $120.00.

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