SPOTbot Pet by Bissell

Pet Product Review: SPOTbot Pet by Bissell

by Guest Blogger: Jocelyn



When I first heard that I was going to be getting the SPOTbot by Bissell in the mailI just assumed it was going to be a spray bottle of cleaner to treat spots on my carpet, and I was excited about that! Well, you can’t imagine my surprise when I opened the box and got this! The SPOTbot Pet is designed to do the work for you. That’s right, turn it on and walk away. When you come back the spot on your carpet will be gone, just like that. The SPOTbot Pet also has a manual mode with a hose for cleaning hard to reach places and stairs. I have always been impressed with Bissell products, so I thought I would really put them to the test. I picked a stain on my carpet that had been there for a while and not to mention is in a high traffic area where people walk, kids play and dogs lay. I filled up the SPOTbot Pet according to the directions, put it on the spot I wanted to disappear, turned it to the “set-in stain” setting and walked away. As soon as I heard the beep (about 6 minutes later) I went to see what the SPOTbot had done. I could not believe how well it worked, literally, the stain was gone. This machine also has a setting for surface stains which works equally as well. I would definitely recommend this product for all those that want an effortless way to remove carpet stains, even the tough, set-in ones.


The stain before SPOTbot by Bissell.


The Stain after SPOTbot by Bissell.

The SPOTbot Petisavailable at Sears, Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and other major retailers nationwide for about $140.00.

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