Sleepypod Air in-cabin pet carrier & DryFur inserts

Pet Product Review – Sleepypod Air in-cabin pet carrier & Dry Fur inserts

Sleepypod Air CarrierDryFur Travel Pads

In February I gave the Sleepypod Air high marks for comfort and safety when used as a day-to-day carrier (transporting pets in the car), but finally had the opportunity to test the carrier in-flight when I moved my mother and her kitty, Lady Joan, from Florida to Colorado.

Sleepypod Air folded

Since I was “catless” on the first leg of my journey, I was immediately impressed with the Sleepypod Air’s design feature that allowed me to collapse the sides so that I could pack it in my suitcase. The “pod’s” machine washable interior is ultra soft, ultra cushy, and made the prospect of the scratchy, upholstered plane seat I would soon be occupying suddenly seem like cruel and unusual punishment. Before placing Lady inside, I decided to play-it-safe by inserting a Sleepypod DryFur travel pad. The DryFur pad would pull moisture away from Lady’s body in case of an accident, ensuring her a comfortably dry ride.

Sleepypod Air on plane
On the way to the airport, we were able to secure the Sleepypod Air by slipping a seatbelt through the strap on the side. Once on the plane, the carrier slipped easily and snuggly under the seat in front of me, allowing for foot space on each side. The padded “walls” help maintain the carrier’s shape yet allow for a great deal of flexibility. Both a fellow passenger and our Southwest Airlines stewardess commented on the Sleepypod Air’s stylish design, roominess and the generous amount of ventilation provided through the black mesh. Neither of them had ever seen a carrier designed with so much thought put into the pet’s safety and comfort!
Sleepypod Air on suitcaseI chose to use the carrier’s comfy shoulder strap when walking through the airport but you can opt to let it rest atop your suitcase by slipping the suitcase handle through a side pocket. The Sleepypod Air carrier is lightweight, versatile, durable and, thanks to its luxurious interior (in addition to the mild sedative provided by her vet), Lady arrived at her new home safe, sound and ready to explore her new kingdom!
5 Paw Rating Sleepypod Air is a 5 paws+ pet product!
The Sleepypod Air comes in 5 stylish colors – colors – and can be purchased for $149.99 on the Sleepypod website . Sleepypod Air accessories include the DryFur travel pads , Warmer Pad and the Cloudpuff blanket .
SS bonus find: The Sleepypod site has a great “Tips and Tricks” page that lists under-seat storage dimensions for the major airlines with links to each airline’s pet policies page as well as online resources for travel tips and pet friendly hotels!

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