Dr. Shawn’s Organic Shampoo & Ear Wash

Pet Product Review – Dr. Shawn’s Organic Shampoo & Ear Wash



Dr. Shawn couldn’t have chosen a more opportune time to send his shampoo and ear wash samples for review! Jade needed a bath; Braveheart had developed ear mites and; Shakespeare (the newest addition to our family and testing panel), was in desperate need of an ear cleaning!

The panel weighs in with their ratings (5 paws = excellent):

Naturally Soothing All-In-One Shampoo


On the shampoo bottle it reads, “Organic oils and botanicals moisturize hair, soothe your pet’s skin, provide a fresh fragrance and have healing, antibacterial, anitfungal, anti-inflammatory and insect repelling properties. The luxurious lather rinses out so easily and your pet’s hair dries quickly! And what goes down your drain is environmentally safe for our planet.”

The lather was indeed luxurious and it’s good to know that it is environmentally friendly! It did rinse out easily, and his hair dried quickly. The only change I would make would be to the “fresh fragrance.” It’s fresh, but reminds me of the citronella candles I use on the patio in the summer. You can also purchase the shampoo in Mint which I would prefer.

Organic Ear Wash


Braveheart developed an ear mite infection over a month ago and my husband has been regularly applying the ear wash he has used on his pets for years, to no avail. I gave him Dr. Shawn’s Organic Ear Wash to try and after 3 applications, the ear mites are gone!”

Shakespeare is our daughter’s brand new Great Dane puppy who spent his first 2 months of life on a farm and brought all kinds of grimy souvenirs from the farm with him in his floppy little ears! Dr. Shawn to the rescue! Jessica absolutely loved Dr. Shawn’s Organic Ear Wash (and she’s pretty darn picky)! It cut through the dirt and wax and left a very pleasant Spearmint and Peppermint fragrance that greets us every time we give him a little cuddle (which is quite often).

You can purchase a 16 oz bottle of Dr. Shawn’s Organic Mint, All-In-One, Flea & Tick or Itch Relief Shampoo for $19 and an 8 oz bottle of the Organic Ear Wash for $15 on the petcarenaturally.com website . You can also find a local retailer who carries Dr. Shawn’s products by visiting their pet retailer page .

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