Jackson Sage and Herbal Shampoo For Dogs

Pet Product Review – Jackson Sage and Herbal Shampoo For Dogs

So, this weekend I took Charlie to New Jersey. He loves frolicking in the bushes and forest and lawns of the of suburbia. I get to deal with the dirt bedded in his hair and feet. So time for a bath. The product I choose Jackson Sage. I love Jackson Sage herbal shampoo. This product smells wonderful. And one of its active ingredients is neem, and all natural anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, and insect repellent. If you bathe your dog you should try Jackson Sage.


Here is info from their website:

A Herbal Shampoo
Doggie Sage gentle shampoo is made with handcrafted soap, pure essential oils and soothing neem oil. Neem Oil’s anti-inflammatory, wound healing, and insect repellent properties make it perfect for dogs with dry, itchy and sensitive skin.


Shake before each use. Massage Shampoo on wet coat. For best results, let stand for 1 minute then rinse throughly.


Saponified Coconut, Olive, Jojoba oils, Aloe vera and Rosemary extract, Neem oil and Essentail Oils of Tea Tree and Lavender

Price:$16 for an 8oz bottle purchase at www.Jacksonsage.com

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