Bow Wow Bag “A Walkin’ Dog’s Tote”

Pet Product Review – Bow Wow Bag “A Walkin’ Dog’s Tote”

This Labor Day weekend was so special to me. Why? because I had cherished hours with my puppy Charlie. We litterally walked everywhere. We went to the dog run, to the park, to the playground, shopping and more. He loved it. And what was really great is that being outside helped accelerate his house training and dog/people socialization. What made it very special was that we sported our new Bow Wow Bag.

The great people at Prairie Mutt, LLC. the manufacturer of Bow Wow Bag, sent me a sample of their clever and practical Bow Wow Bag, A Walkin’ Dog’s Tote.


With a Bow Wow Bag, you can hang up those old cargo pants! No more need for overloaded pockets. Simply attach with the ultra sturdy velcro strap the Bow Wow Bag to any leash handle/loop and away you go. Now you’ve got the most portable light weight tote to carry all your doggie essentials:

balls, toys, nylon travel water bowls, treats, whistles, anything you may need. The Bow Wow Bag also stores many waste bags, or discretely hides your used waste bag until you find a proper trash receptacle.

What I love is the interior zippered pocket, so I can also store a spare set of keys or some cash. I also love the snappy prints, red with white bones, black and white paw prints, zebra; so cool.

You can find your Bow Wow Bag at Petco. They make a great gift, especially to your dog walker. The price is right too, under $10 for a large Bow Wow bag and under $9 for a small or medium. For more information do go to their website at

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