Trixie Koontz Good Dog Collection

Pet Product Review – Trixie Kootz Good Dog Collection

When I picked up my puppy the other week, what did I do? I went straight to Petsmart and filled up a shopping cart full of the best toys, treats and puppy essentials. That first puppy shopping spree, if anyone doesn’t know is a significant spend. But seeing your puppy play with his favorite toy is completely priceless. With that, I was starting to write about Charlie’s favorite toy, his stuffed yellow butterfly plush squeaky dog toy by Trixie Kootz Good Dog Collection.


Sorry couldn’t find a pic with the toy, but its coming.

Anyway, as I was doing my research, I realized that Dean Koontz has a whole like of products and accessories brought to you exclusively by Petsmart. I applaud Dean Koontz and Petsmart as all of the royalties and proceeds go to the CCI charities. These products are adorable and fun and your pet will love them. Look for them at Petsmart. Here is their press release:

Jun 25, 2009 09:00 ET

PHOENIX, AZ–(Marketwire – June 25, 2009) – PetSmart® (NASDAQ: PETM) announced today the availability of exclusive product lines from Dean Koontz, Tamar Geller and the Animal Planet. Pet parents can now celebrate the special bond with their pet through favorite training, grooming and play products designed to match the individual lifestyle and personality of each family.

The Dog Bliss You™ product line by Dean Koontz, worldwide best-selling author and pet parent to the late Trixie, his beloved golden retriever, is based on the book “Bliss to You, Trixie’s Guide to a Happy Life.” Available items celebrate Trixie’s wit and wisdom and include:

  • Butterfly toys, plush bones, disks and rope tugs to play with dogs.
  • “Bliss You” and “Laugh ’til Your Face Hurts” tanks for a carefree style.
  • Stationery and specialty gifts such as coffee mugs, photo frames, key chains, journals and pens.

PODCAST: Dean Koontz on Trixie

Tamar Geller, renowned life coach for dogs, the people who love them, and dog-coach to the stars is introducing The Loved Dog™ products to train dogs to be well-mannered, making them happy and proud. Products that help dog parents raise truly loved dogs in return for a lifetime of unconditional love include:

  • The best-selling book, “The Loved Dog,” and how-to DVD, “Celebrate Your Dog – The Loved Dog Way of Training”
  • Durable, plush ball or bone, ultra tug rope and throw disk for training games as well as occupier toys to redirect chewing.
  • Calming spray and collar with pheromones and bitter orange chewing spray to modify behavior.
  • Shampoo to smooth and strengthen the coat and conditioning spray specifically formulated as a leave-in conditioner.

Animal Planet-branded pet products by JAKKS Pacific are modeled after animals around the world as seen on television series on the Animal Planet network. The line, designed to help promote the well-being of animals, features packaging with animal facts and includes:

  • High-quality, animal-shaped plush play toys and beds for dogs and cats.
  • Apparel and accessories such as a leopard print dress and giraffe print tank for dogs.

“Our commitment to offering a wide variety of products and services is just one way PetSmart helps pets live healthy and happy lives,” said Matt McAdam, PetSmart’s vice president of dog and cat hard goods. “Our Dean Koontz, Tamar Geller and Animal Planet products represent unique personalities and brands that enhance the relationship between pets and their parents and reflect individual preferences in entertainment, training and play.”

Exclusive PetSmart products are available in all U.S. stores and online at Select products are available in Canada.

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