Eukanuba Healthy Extras Adult Large Breed Biscuits

Pet Product Review – Eukanuba Healthy Extras Adult Large Breed Biscuits 32 0z resealable container

Eukanuba is one of my top recommended pet nutrition companies. They put special attention into all that they create. What I like about Eukanuba is that they are a mid range priced brand with premium quality. You can also find their products just about everywhere.

Now, as you may know, my friend Tony moved into my neighborhood wiith Senta a beautiful big 70 lbs Doberman. She is ver particular. But when it comes to her favorite healthy snack, its unquestionably Eukanuba Healthy Extras Adult Large Breed Biscuits.


I always research to see who has the best price on these products and for Eukanuba Healthy Extras is Pet Food Direct. Here is what they say:

“For large breed and giant breed adult dogs weighting 51 lbs. or more. Crunchy, tasty Healthy Extras™ are made with real chicken protein and other wholesome ingredients. They’re fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to promote health and vitality, with no artificial flavors or colors. Plus, the crunchy texture of Healthy Extras™ helps reduce plaque and tartar.”

and the link to order from Pet Food Direct is:

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