Advertising Options

Diagram of IAB units

Flash/Rich Media Banners
  • Flash 8 is accepted.
  • The maximum size for a GIF/JPG is 25k, the maximum size for Rich Media is 40k.
  • All Flash creatives hosted by DogTime Media must be accompanied with backup creative (gif, jpg, etc).
  • Flash files must be coded for proper click and impression tracking on Zedo, our ad serving tool.
  • DoubleClick Motif, PointRoll, Viewpoint (Unicast) EyeBlaster, Klipmart, and EyeWonder are all accepted types for Rich Media.
  • Initial Load/KB–35K
  • Subsequent Load/KB–100K ?Backup Gif Size–30K
  • Requirements for Audio–User initiated
  • Requirements for Video–up to 30 seconds
  • Loop count–3 seconds
  • We work with most rich media providers

Expandable Ads

  • Expandable ad units appear in current ad positions. These ads can include the following, but are not limited to: additional information, dynamic data, video streaming, data collection, and interactive games.
  • All expandable units must be built and served by a DogTime Media approved Rich Media vendor.
  • Panel initiation:
  1. The action that causes the panel to expand must also cause the panel to retract.
  2. Mouse over/off: When a user passes the mouse over a creative, the panel expands; or retracts when the mouse is removed.
  3. Click open/close: The creative can be set to expand or retract when the user clicks clearly marked buttons.
  4. Users click on creative to initiate audio