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Pet Product Review – Adjustable Dog Wheelchair – Walkin’ Wheels(tm) for Handicapped Pets

You know when Champ was sick, I looked at every option available to me that would allow me to keep my pup in my life just a little bit longer. At one point I thought the help of a canine wheel chair may be a good option. With that I researched and researched until I found just the right mobility product that I felt comfortable buying, and would be flexible enough to fit my lifestyle too. The one I recommend is the Adjustable Dog Wheelchair – Walkin’ Wheels(tm) for Handicapped Pets.


There are many reasons why I love this product. For one, its stylish, and portable, folding up into a small and convenient pack. The wheels come at a variety of thicknesses, so if you’re dog wants to really tear up the dog run, well now he can. But, most of all it doesn’t look like a disability wheel chair, your dog won’t feel disadvantaged using it. You may be laughing, but dogs are keenly aware of how they look, just like people.

The price is in line with other mobility wheel chairs I researched. The products start at $399, but keep in mind that every wheelchair is completely customized to your dog’s size and weight. There is a site that has all of this information:

I like the site and you can make your orders at:

But, I do have a huge complaint about this site. They have temporary wheelchair rentals. What a wonderful idea. But. I called their office, sent them an email and it took two full weeks for them to get back to me. Well, Handicapped Pets… don’t you think if someone calls your office, they’re looking for a solution right away??? Based on that, if you’re looking for a retailer that will give you customer service buy the product on

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