Animal Shelter: Adopt a homeles pet!

animal shelter

So many animal shelters with so many homeless dogs and cats, where do you start? Keep in mind that you will be responsible for caring for your new family member for up to 15 years so, before you begin searching your local animal shelter for the perfect pet, ask yourself the following questions:

Bullet Why do you want a dog or cat?

Bullet Is there enough time in your life for a pet (especially a dog)?

Bullet Can you afford a pet?

Bullet If you’re renting, does your lease allow you to have a pet?

Bullet Do you have enough space for a pet (especially a dog)?

Bullet Do you have someone who can take care of your pet when you’re out of town?

Be prepared, an animal shelter can be a heartbreaking place to visit–crowded, chaotic, and full of sad, adorable faces. If you find shelters too disturbing to visit, go to an adoption event instead. Okay…let’s search!

How to use DogTime’s Adoptable Dog & Cat Finder

Bullet Select the Dog Finder or Cat Finder tab

Bullet Enter your zip code

Bullet Enter any specific traits you’re looking for (e.g. age, breed, etc.)

Bullet Click the “search dogs” or “search cats” button

Bullet Browse the homeless cats and dogs who are currently housed at your local animal shelter

Bullet Contact the animal shelter, verify that the pet is still there and ask for details about their adoption process