Green dog toys

Ideally, a green toy is better for your dog as well as the planet. It’s free of materials or chemical treatments that are iffy when it comes to dog health, it’s made of recycled, organic, or renewable materials, and the production process doesn’t release any chemicals into the environment. We’ve rounded up a few toys that meet some (or all) of these criteria and look like they can keep our dogs entertained–and out of trouble.

Note: Once your dog’s bored with his green dog toys, you can maximize the eco-benefits by trading them with your dog-owning friends, rather than tossing them in the trash. Trust us, Fido won’t mind a little wear and tear.

Green dog toy reviews:

Earthdog hemp chew rope

Earthdog hemp dog toy

WestPaw salamander

Simply Fido plush collection

From the Field tug-a-hemp

–Phyllis DeGioia

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