Qualities for working with animals?


What sort of temperament do you need to have a career working with animals?


The majority of people who work with animals share one thing in common: they all are passionate about animals. “We don’t go into this profession for the money,” says Kimberly May, DVM, MS, DACVS (Diplomate of American College of Veterinary Surgeons), and assistant director of the Communications Division of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

“While the financial rewards can be high, the work itself is rewarding. Healing an animal just makes you feel so good. We get a different kind of positive feedback. The animals don’t tell us in words, but seeing how much better they are is an overwhelmingly good feeling. Pet owners are the ones who express their joy when they see that we are helping their pets. People consider their pets a part of the family.”

The one aspect of working with animals that many people overlook is that you have to have good people skills. Just because you will be working with animals doesn’t mean that you won’t be dealing with people. Practically every job–from dog trainer to veterinarian technician to zoologist–requires good communication skills because there is a lot of person to person interaction.

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