Product Review: FURminator DeShedding Tool

Pet Product Review: FURminator DeShedding Tool

OK, a fact is a fact, ask any groomer, “what is the most essential tool a groomer uses?” Every one will say “The FURminator”. You have a pet that sheds, you must have a FURminator DeShedding Tool.

They come in various sizes and are specifically designed for each cat and dog and large or small size dogs. The FURminator gets that hair out of your house and life, the old dead under coat and the dander that gets trapped in it’s woven nest. Best of all, The FURminator does so without pulling the skin and hurting your pet.

There are amazing pictures and videos on

Now as I said, if you have a pet that sheds, “you must have a FURminator“. And as you know, any product that truly works does come at a price, that price is typically about $60. Lucky for us, Value Pet Supplies has the very best price on the FURminator, go to: to order yours.

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