Product Review: Pooch Pick-Up Scented Pet Waste Bags

Pet Product Review – Pooch Pick-Up Scented Pet Wast Bags 35 count – 35 count

You know I just don’t get it, why would anyone not make an effort to buy a product that is biodegradable when there are so many affordable options out there. The people at Kyjen, the manufacturer of Pooch Pick-Up Scented Pet Wast Bags sent me a 35 count box of scented waste bags. I like samples like this because I have a dog, and I walk him several times a day, and I never embark on a walk without a waste bag.

Pooch Pick up bags

But These bags I don’t like. Why? Well, first the scent is so overpowering it can make one dizzy. But most of all, they are plastic and not biodegradable. When I received the sample, I read the box over and over looking for the word “biodegradable. When i didn’t see it, I actually wrote the Kyjen the manufacturer and asked if they were biodegradable. The response was “No, they are not biodegradable. Some people don’t like the biodegradable bags”. The only two people i can think of that wouldn’t want a biodegadable bag was a former president and vice president.

If you want to put yourself in the same selfish boat and buy a product that is harmful to the environment go ahead, you can find them on the shop at and At $2.99 for a 35 pack, you’ll find they’re the same price as those products that are biodegradable.

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