Product Review: Wagatha’s Wheat & Lactose Free Breakfast Biscuits

Pet Product Review – Wagatha’s Wheat & Lactose Free Breakfast Biscuits

You know what one of the best things about being a pet parent? Giving your little loved ones special treats and biscuits, especially when teaching new tricks. If your training and obedience is first thing in the morning, than what better way to start the day than with Wagatha’s Wheat & Lactose Free Breakfast Biscuits.

These biscuits are incredibly good. I learned about them from Hilton Hotels. Hilton includes Wagatha’s biscuits in their fashionable doggie ammenities tote.

Only the very best organic ingredients go into all Wagatha’s products. Human Grade Certified Organic Ingredients: whole spelt flour, oat flour, barley flour, sunflower oil, dried apples, ground flax seed, rolled oats, brown rice flour, whole eggs, dried bananas, cinnamon, maple sugar, sea salt. Yes, “Human Grade”so I the Secret Shopper did indeed test out the product. I found them quite good, and even tasted the bananna.

Each can contains about 32 biscuits, so at $8 per can, thats not bad for a month of super premium biscuits. Shop online at

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