Product Review: The WIlliam Wegman Collection Dog Bed

Pet Product Review – The William Wegman Collection Dog Bed – Exclusively at Hilton Hotels

Ever receive a package in the mail? A big luxury gift that you simply adore, and is perfect for your home and lifestyle? Well, I received exactly this kind of gift from Hilton Hotels.

hilton dog bed

You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the new pet friendly policies at Hilton Hotels. I was impressed at the fact this team of busy executives really understood the importance we pet lovers place on the comfort of our pets while we travel. Well, they asked if I would test out their new and exclusive dog bed that is used in the hotels. Well, I certainly can not call this a sample, it was a gift, and one that is thoroughly enjoyed. What a bed! Its gorgeous!

But what can you say, the bed and the entire pet collection was designed for Hilton Hotels by famed photographer William Wegman. The William Wegman Collection uses Crypton Fabrics features a pattern of the cutest little doggies. My photos do not do it justice. Crypton fabric is super easy-to-clean and permanently resist spills, stains, moisture and odors. Bed fabrics Turquoise and Walnut and you can choose from three pillow sizes (small, medium and large). Each cover is removable and machine washable (line dry only). Hilton Hotels sent me the Walnut color, and I have to tell you, I feel like a professional decorator selected the bed because it matches perfectly with my walnut bedroom furniture and blue Tibetan area rug.

As for comfort, Champ climbs into the bed every night enthusiastically for a content night’s sleep. And during the day, the bad is taken over by Stinky my cat, who loves the luxurious William Wegman Dog Bed for hours.

Hilton bed with stinkyChamp in bed

Go to to see the entire collection for pets and home. At $140 per bed, not only is it supremely stylish, its very reasonably prices.

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