Product Review: RapidBath Pet Bathing System by HydroSurge

Pet Product Review – RapidBath Pet Bathing System by HydroSurge

Today you’re in luck because my post is one with two opinions. The good people at Hydro Surge a division of Jarden Consumer Solutions asked me to sample their new RapidBath Pet Bathing System. I was excited to try this product because I trust the famous brands and products of Jarden. They seem to know exactly the appliance that makes my life easier.

rapid bath system

The RapidBath Pet Bathing System is an interesting contraption in that it aims to give you the power and convenience afforded to professional dog groomers. RapidBath allows you to wet, wash and rinse in one hand-held unit. Designed to bath in 3 minutes or less, the RapidBath system cuts the time, hassle and mess out of bathing your pet.

The manufacturer writes: “The system includes a dog grooming sprayer and adapter that connects to any standard home shower or outdoor faucet, allowing the versatility of indoor/outdoor use. The sprayer functions in just one hand and features 3 settings: low, high, and bathe. Hidden inside the handle are integrated shampoo cartridges which automatically draws and distributes highly concentrated shampoo while you bath your pet. The result is easier, less messy baths for both you and your pet.” The cost of the RapidBath Pet Bathing System is $69.99 and can be purchased at or any PetSmart location.

Well let me tell you, I had a very hard time finding a shower or outdoor faucet that actually fit the RapidBath system. It did not fit my shower nor our outdoor faucet. Finally I ended up trying the unit in my building’s laundry utility sink. I have to admit the system did not quite fit that faucet either and I’m sure it negatively affected the RapidBath’s performance. Although, I found the using a 10′ hose connected with a water diverter to be easy and convenient for washing a dog, I did not find the soap to lather to my satisfaction. Also, knowing I can go to a hardware store and get the same hose and diverter material for only a few dollars, made it hard to justify a $70 price.

champ and rapid bath

But, being a New York City urban dweller, we know that not every product is designed for city use and works better in an actual home. With that, I gave the RapidBath System to my friend Tom to try. Tom lives on a country estate outside of Albany and had a beautiful American Foxhound named Fiddler. Fiddler being a country dog is always getting into something or another and more in need of frequent bathing. Here is Tom’s verbatim:

Ease of use…..9


Overall impression….8

I have a relatively large American Foxhound named Fiddler. Put simply, hounds and water don’t usually mix. I’ve attempted to use shower sprayers, sponges, etc. but make it difficult to keep the dog in the tub while still using them. The rapid bath system alleviated a number of those issues. The installation was fairly easy. Having the right tool to remove the shower head toughest part. It’s great to be able to leave the diverter attached to the shower and still be able to use the rapid bath when needed. The major benefit of this system is the ability to have everything in one hand. Using simple knobs and buttons on the hand held unit, you can change from soap to rinse and turn the water on and off with just one hand. This allowed me to keep the other hand on the dogs collar to keep him in the tub. Overall a good system.

fiddler on farm

Disadvantages: must use soap cartridges from rapid bath system.

Potential improvement: I wish the head of the sprayer had some rubber nubs on it to use to massage in the shampoo. I had to put the unit down to suds the dog before rinsing.

So back to me… my recommendation is, if you have multiple pets, dogs, horses, cats, goats, whatever, and keeping them clean is important to you, buy the RapidBath Pet Bathing System. Your frequent use and time saved will justify the price. But do make sure you test the compatibility with all of your faucets and like any larger purchase, keep the receipt in case it does not work out.

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