Product Review: Veterinarian’s Best Pet Swabs Tear Stain Guard

Pet Product Review – Veterinarian’s Best Pet Swabs Tear Stain Guard

Don’t know when I’ve been so blue

Don’t know what’s come over you

You’ve found someone new

And don’t it make my brown eyes blue

When I think of tears, I can’t help think of Crystal Gayle’s haunting lyrics. But when the little Maltese named Baby Cakes who lives down the road runs up to say hi to me and my pup, I look in her tearfull eyes, and just want to puke. They are gross.

Thank goodness I don’t have animals prone to tearing, and thank goodness they have dark colored hair. But this tearing is perfectly natural, and will happen. So, the best thing is to deal with it, and address your little one’s tears with comfort and daily attention.

I looked around for a product that would help and found Veterinarian’s Best Pet Swabs Tear Stain Guard on Wow! Could there have been a product better suited. These cotton-tipped swabs are filled with therapeutic liquid. You snap the end, kind of like smelling salts. So cool to see the liquid flow from clear stem into the cotton tip. Wipe around the eyes and viola! In due time you’ll have fresh clean eyes.

vet's best tear swabs

I trust this product. The liquid is all natural and properly measured, and safe to use on both cats and dogs. Truly you don’t want to put anything near your pets’ eyes that is not safe. How did my pets react? Well Champ took the application bravely and went to back to sleep. Stinky, the cat put up a terrible fuss and ran under the bed.

My only negative comment is the price. At $8.99 for 24 swabs is costly, especially when you’re trying to diminish the unsightly residue of puppy tears. This requires daily treatment.

For a safe home remedy that is certainly more cost effective, try dabbing a solution that has 1 teaspoon of salt diluted in a pint of warm water.

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