Product Review: Scatchex

Pet Products Review – Scatchex

Ok let me tell you about a little style story from my college days. I hung out with very a fashion forward girl who wanted only the very best for her Chow Chow named Penelope. This dog was gorgeous!

Well, to give Penelope that full bodied, bold, volumized look, my friend used Pantene. Poor Penelope suffered from burns and her hair fell out in clumps. It took months before her mane was back to normal. Simply said, human products are not always right for canine consumption.

I think about this story every single time I give my dog a bath. After this weekend and some rolling around on a muddy football field, Champ, my Sheltie got his long overdue bath. The product I chose was Scrathex.

At about $5 per bottle, this shampoo is no nonsense, but filled with all the good things you want in a dog shampoo. I feel good that it does kill fleas and ticks on contact. It’s kind of like light parasite insurance that supplements his Vet prescribed topical medicine. And for style, well Champs’ coat comes out clean, fresh smelling, and soft…… downright sassy if you ask me.

So, if you’re seeking hair that’s clean, shiny and flea free from root to tip, buy this product. Pay attention to the price when shopping for this product, don’t over pay. I paid just over $4.50 at Walgreens for an 8 oz bottle, but I’ve seen it as high as $6.50 at specialty stores and online for the same exact product and bottle size.

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