Product Review: Eureka Capture Vacuum

Pet Products Review – Eureka Capture Vacuum

When it comes to vacuums, I’m very particular. They have to work, and work well, and not breakdown after a few weeks. I just bought the Eureka Capture Upright (bagless) Vacuum. Now I had always thought that I had clean floors until I got this vacuum and honestly the color of my carpets changed, it was that good.

The cyclonic collection weaves all the hair and dirt into a giant nest of filth, so cool. I love the fact that you can clean both the filter, and the collection bin. It really shows you how much dirt and dust is in your home.

There is a handy attachment specifically designed to remove pet hair off of furniture that works great too. I bought my Eureka Capture at for $130, not the cheapest vacuum around, but as I said the cheap ones break and with a dog and a cat, I do a lot of vacuuming!

A few negatives – it’s heavy and hard to carry around and not great for getting into corners (I used the attachment for that). The vacuum is also a bit loud. My cat hides under the bed when I’m using it. Note to self: move bed and vacuum under there.

All in all though I’m really happy with this machine and hope it lasts for more than a year. I’ll keep you posted.

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