Muddy Paws Diary: dang!

Muddy Paws: Dang!

I like grape juice. And pickles. But maybe not all together and in such large quantities. Mom left them on the counter when she went to grab the phone–what was I supposed to do? Not eat them?

The vomiting started about an hour later, just when I was getting ready for my mid-evening nap in the living room. You can imagine the outpouring, given what I’d eaten.

Mom, of course, ran to get the dang! She cleaned up as much as possible with a paper towel and then doused the remainder with the dang! stain and odor remover from Pawsitively Clean by Bissell.

“It’s working at the molecular level to break down stain and odor,” Mom announced to Dad. I don’t think he knew what that meant either, but she seemed surprisingly pleased. Later they both returned to the scene of the accident.

“It’s gone!” she squealed. “The carpet looks beautiful! I can’t even smell it!”

In my book, a lack of odor is very suspicious, but Mom was thrilled. “Hon, I think the cat got into the grape juice too,” Dad called from the bedroom.

“Dang! it all,” Mom said–and happily left in search of the next mess…