Muddy Paws Diary

Muddy Paws: Ewww!

In retrospect, stealing away from Mom to devour the peanut butter sandwiches and bags of cookies I found under the park bench was not such a good idea. It was all so tasty going down, but I admit I paid the price later.

It came out of nowhere, the diarrhea. I tried so hard to make it outside but somehow I wasn’t fast enough.

I thought Mom would be furious. Instead, she just scooped me up and said, “Poor little guy.” She handed the bottle of Ewww from Pawsitively Clean™ by Bissell® to Dad and off we went to the vet.

“How’s my boy?” Dad asked the next day. “Just fine,” Mom answered for me. “But how’s my carpet?”

Dad beamed. “This stuff is a miracle,” he said, gazing at the bottle of Ewww as if it were a sirloin steak. “You can’t even tell there was a stain here.”

“Well it certainly smells back to normal in here,” Mom said.

“I got so giddy, I decided to clean up the stains around the cat’s bed, the litter box, and the living room sofa too!” Dad was too busy waltzing with the bottle of Ewww to hear Mom say to me: “Just between us, thanks for getting sick on the carpet.” Then she winked at me.

Ewww. Who knew?

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