Gold Metal Pets Breath Spray with Chlorophyll

Gold Metal Pets Breath Spray with Chlorophyll (1 biscuit)

Our take: The good news is that unlike the Petrodex breath spray I tested, this product doesn’t contain xylitol, which can be toxic for dogs. The bad news is, like the Petrodex, the spray didn’t seem to work–although I must say I couldn’t get my dog Ginger to cooperate enough to give it a fair trial. My favorite part of their directions is, “If pet will not cooperate, spread lips apart and spray directly into gum area.” I can’t imagine there are many dogs out there who would go along with that plan.

The dogs weigh in: As with the Petrodex spray, Ginger was not a fan. I ended up having to hold her down in a corner of the couch while “spreading her lips apart.” She escaped my weak grip and went straight under the kitchen table, which is where she hides when she’s afraid she’s going to be tortured by a bath. Ginger doesn’t appreciate any liquid other than water in her bowl, and she’s very clear on that point, especially when you are aiming it at her.

Cost: low

–Phyllis DeGioia

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