Denta Clean Gel Mints

Denta Clean Gel Mints (3 biscuits)

Our take: These mints have a few points in their favor. First of all, they’re chews, which means they’ll actually stay in the dog’s mouth for more than a second, as compared to a breath mint that doesn’t remain in the mouth for more time than it takes to swallow. Second of all, my dog actually used the chew, which I can’t say for many of the other products. However, I still didn’t notice any improvement in her breath. And like other chews that can be swallowed and cause choking, you need to supervise your dog while she chews.

The dogs weigh in: Despite the mint flavoring that I know she dislikes, Ginger enjoyed the chew and acted as though she had received a treat. She coveted it enough that she tried to take it outside to savor it by herself, even though the cat (her treat competition) was clearly not interested.

Cost: low

–Phyllis DeGioa

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