Crypton Rectangle Pet Beds

Crypton Rectangle Pet Bed (5 biscuits)

Our take: These high-end beds are unbelievably wonderful. It’s not just the wildly popular William Wegman prints, although that’s a huge part of the appeal; it’s the ease of cleaning, which has always been my issue with dog beds. I poured coffee and dark soda on a sample of Crypton’s white fabric and just blotted it up with a sponge.

The beds are resistant to moisture and odor as well as stains. With most dog beds, puke or pee gets into the foam and bacteria starts to grow. In these puppies, the liquid never reaches the filling. For cleanliness, odor, and for dogs with poor immune systems, this is a big deal. You can even disinfect it: If you use Crypton’s EPA-certified fabric disinfectant and deodorizer with the Crypton fabric these beds are made from, you have the only EPA-certified disinfectable fabric system in the world.

The dogs weigh in: Ginger, who has never seen the point of dog beds when there’s my bed to enjoy, thinks that four inches off the ground is a bit too high for her, and wound up curled up on the hardwood floor next to the bed. Go figure. My bed-loving mutt Fred would have adored it, however, and I wish I’d had one when my elderly and incontinent Toy Poodle, Clint, was around. He would have loved sinking into its luxurious softness, and I would have loved the ease of keeping it clean, since I washed his bed almost every day.

Cost: high

–Phyllis DeGioia

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