West Paw dog beds

West Paw dog beds

Our take: The fabric and filler found in West Paw’s dog beds comes from an unlikely source: recycled plastic bottles. It takes way less energy to produce the material from old bottles than it would to make it from scratch, and the company estimates they save more than 25 million tons of plastic bottles from the landfill each year. What’s more, West Paw’s products have a home-grown appeal, since they’re all made in the company’s hometown of Bozeman, Montana.

The fabric covers are 85 percent recycled fibers, and the filling is 100 percent recycled material. There are three models to choose from:

  • Organic Bumper Beds: These plush bumper beds have organically-grown cotton covers and recycled filling. They’re machine washable with a zippered opening.
  • Eco Nap: These are flat pads, perfect for lining crates. You can throw the whole thing in the wash.
  • Eco Slumber: This thick rectangular bed is made of recycled fabric and fiber. Both pillow and cover are machine washable.

Cost: low to middle

–Phyllis DeGioia

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