PetMate Pet Steps

PetMate Pet Steps

Our take: No assembly required, this is a big piece of pre-molded plastic. I prefer not having to assemble anything, so this is easy and functional if not exactly attractive. Unfortunately, it’s not as stable as the other two, but also doesn’t cost as much, and is more stable than the lower priced models. It’s made of recycled content and can be used with or without the attached carpeting. Each step is 5 inches high so it’s a bit steep for small or arthritic dogs, but they can still do it without a problem. It’s designed for dogs up to 70 pounds.

The dogs weigh in: Fred thought it was okay with the carpeting but didn’t work up much enthusiasm and wouldn’t touch it (or any of these brands) without the carpeting attached. He is 19 pounds and has short legs and these steps were almost a bit too high for him. He has space issues (in his head he is a BIG dog) and he likes broader steps better.

Cost: middle

–Phyllis DeGioia

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