Bling Bling Blinker

Bling Bling Blinker

Our take: Cute and inexpensive, this water resistant blinker comes in several color combinations. It’s little and can be seen, but I want a more visible light than this one on my dog if it’s the only light to be used. It’s so tiny, actually, that you can attach it to your key chain. It attaches easily with a Carabineer-type clip that you just push.

The Blinker runs on a watch battery and they give you extra batteries (don’t lose them like I did). Rotate the bottom to turn it off or on; the problem with that is that it can be turned on unintentionally and burn out the battery. There is only one mode, blinking, so constant light is not an option.

The dogs weigh in: Piece of cake.

Cost: low

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