Vent Car Window Guard

Vent Car Window Guard

Our take: Dogs can get nasty gunk (that’s a technical term similar to “foreign objects”) stuck in their eyes if they ride in the car with their head sticking out the window. Once a dog I’d recently adopted tried to jump out the window of a moving car. Sometimes you just need to protect your dog from himself. This window guard unfolds and expands to fit the width of most car windows. You just slide the bottom slits over the top of the rolled down window and then slowly roll it back up (a more difficult task with power windows). This guard didn’t fit in very tightly and I think a hyper or large dog could knock it out easily although that didn’t happen to me. It fell out fairly easily and I wasn’t very impressed.

The dogs weigh in: They were oblivious while searching the car seat for crumbs.

Cost: low

-Phyllis DeGioia

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