Freeleash All-In-One (3 biscuits)

Freeleash All-In-One

Our take: It’s highly convenient to have your hands free when you stop at a highway gas station and need to hold the dog’s leash, your keys, etc. The Freeleash is an elastic waist belt that fits up to 55-inch waists to which you attach your dog (or dogs) via swivel hooks. The leash’s length is adjustable from about 2 to 5 feet. A quick release makes it easy to move rapidly from your belt to a tie out. It has reflective stripes for higher visibility at night and holds a water bottle.

I’m not a runner, but a friend went running with my Ginger using the Freeleash and felt the elastic gave too much; for running she would have preferred a less elastic belt. But for highway travel, it could be pretty useful. It’s designed for dogs less than 80 pounds.

The dogs weigh in: Ginger didn’t mind being walked on it and didn’t seem to notice much difference between my hand holding the leash and the belt holding it.

Cost: middle

-Phyllis DeGioia

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