Whine and cheese party game

Forget the balloon toss or three-legged race. This is an event that calls for games of culture, nuance, and precision. Games like Draw My Dog and If Picasso Had Paws.

Draw my dog

Gather an easel with a large pad of paper (a whiteboard works too) and pens or pencils.

On a small piece of paper, write down the name of each dog guest and put the names in a hat or bag. Each human guest takes a turn picking a name from the hat and drawing a picture of the dog as the group watches. The first person to accurately guess which dog is being drawn gets a point. The winner, of course, is the person with the most points after each person has had a turn to draw.

If Picasso had paws

Gather large pieces of paper, finger paint, soapy water, and towels. Take all the supplies to a spot that’s easy to clean, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or back porch.

One at a time, have each owner bring his or her dog to the painting area. Using paws, each dog creates a picture. Of course, the owner should wash and dry the paw thoroughly before heading back to the party.

At the end of the evening, vote on the most artistic image. The masterpiece with the most votes wins. A great prize for either game: A dog paint-by-number kit.

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