A-plus Pit Bull deserves A-plus family

My friend Ann, who still fosters dogs from the shelter where I used to volunteer, reports that Sancho is back in Adoptions. I shake my head, as I remember this pup well: wiggly little butt and a face more expressive than many humans’. He’s irresistible.

Sancho smiles.

In fact, it’s almost too easy to fall in love with Sancho. My guess is that more than once, he managed to charm folks who hadn’t truly considered the impact of adding a dog to their lives. Impulse adoption with no real sense of commitment on the part of the people. Ann tells me that Sancho has been bounced around several homes the last few years, and his description on the shelter website now reads, “I was lost but my owner has not found me.”

At nine years old, Sancho has earned the distinguished Elderbull title, and his sweet nature has cemented his standing as a volunteer favorite. Just the right amount of playful — not too needy, but never aloof. And while he’s not especially interested in the company of dogs (he’d probably do best in a single-canine family), he tolerates their sniffs and chaotic approaches with gentlemanly courtesy. An A+ Pit Bull, Ann called him. Why aren’t there more A+ homes?

Sancho serious (and gorgeous)

Ann shared these notes she made after her overnight with Sancho:

“He came right into the house and explored with curiosity, but never messed with anything. He really liked to be outside in the garden and was quite active running around investigating and later resting in the sun. He is very friendly, and though he doesn’t get all over you or beg for attention, he does love to be petted and brushed, and he snuggled close to me in the evening as I read. At lights out, he went right to bed and was quiet most of the night. He loves to go for walks, but is not a high-energy dog. He is housebroken. He seems quick to learn and eager to please.”

They say there are no perfect dogs, but Sancho may be giving “they” a run for their money.

Sancho is available for adoption at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society in New Mexico.