Emma & Cody

Human: Emma

Canine: Cody

Location: San Francisco

Together since: 2005

Type: Border Collie mix

Favorite rescue group: Second Chance Pet Rescue

I am eternally grateful to the parents of my 5th grade students at Live Oak School who, through an act of incredible generosity, bid on Cody at our school auction, and gave him to me. That night, I went home and lay in bed for hours worrying about I was going to take care of a new puppy. I was terrified, and feared I would be a terrible parent.

The next day, I picked Cody up, and our adventure together began. Jon, Cody’s Dad, made a solemn promise to Cody that he would take great care of him, which he has. Cody has brought so much joy to our lives. Our weekend rituals now revolve around trips to the beach and walks in the park. He loves playing with other dogs, and can catch a frisby mid-air. He has a beautiful black coat, with 4 adorable white paws. I can’t remember what life was like before Cody.

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