Smart Pup Smoothies & Terrabone Dental Chews from Fun Time Dog Shop

Pet Product Review — Smart Pup Smoothies & Terrabone Dental Chews from Fun Time Dog Shop

Fun Time Dog Shop

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“All profits from the products purchased are donated to non-profit dog rescue groups to help save the lives of homeless dogs!” With an opening line like that, who wouldn’t love the Fun Time Dog Shop? Sarah Ercolani and her niece Lauren, have been raising money for rescue groups since May of 2010. They add new rescue groups to their list of partners each month and give you the opportunity to donate to the group of your choice when you check-out.

We sampled the Peanut Butter & Banana flavored Smart Pups that are fortified with Chondroitin and 5 times more Glucosamine than dry treats, to promote hip & joint health. Perfect for our Great Dane, who is prone to dysplasia, and our arthritic Lab. You can serve the smoothie right out of the cup, mix it with your dog’s dry kibble or (the option I chose), freeze it for a tasty pup-sicle.
The dogs loved the Smart Pup smoothies! Both dogs took their frozen treats, found a comfy spot and proceeded to lick them into oblivion for the next 20 minutes. Healthy and tastes good, our favorite kind of treat! The Smart Pup smoothies also come in “Skin & Coat” and “Digestive Health” formulas. These are going to make great healthy “cooling-off” treats this summer!
Available at for $6 (4 serving cups in a package).

Joey was our tester for the Terrabone Dental Chew Bones, made from all-natural and USDA organic ingredients. He gleefully accepted his Terrabone-testing assignment and refused to budge from his spot on the kitchen floor until he had devoured every crumb. That day we all reaped the rewards from his bonding with the Fresh Breath flavored chew treat! Terrabones are also available in Jump’n Joints and B-Calm flavors.

Available at for $1.75 – $15 depending on treat size (small or large) and quantity ordered.

Fun Time Dog Shop also carries a wide variety of leashes, collars, toys, beds, grooming supplies, healthy stuff and people stuff.

If you think your product can pass the Secret Shopper Test, send an email to [email protected].