Product Review: Dingo Denta-Treats White Brites

Yes, I am concerned about my dog’s dental hygiene and health. I’ve tried the toothbrush and dog toothpaste gig… try it… quite simply that was not an option for me. So, I needed to find an alternative to brushing. I thought Dingo Denta Treats White Brites would be just the ticket. Wrong!

My dog Champ wouldn’t even go near the “treat”. My Dog Champ wouldn’t go near the treat dipped in peanut butter. I was getting frustrated because the package said it was “great tasting”, so maybe its just my dog. But to every dog that I tried to push these “treats” off to I got the same reaction, no.

I can’t blame the dogs, the bones look like dried out toothpaste. They are rubbery and white. I actually bit down on the product myself because I couldn’t imagine that they tasted that bad. Well… it tasted like dried glue (hey I was a kid once; I ate a lot of weird things). No way did it talk liver as the bag said.

Save the $10 dollars it cost for a 30 count bag, and use the toothbrush until a better product is found.

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